Friday, 23 May 2008

First flowers of Spring

I love Spring! The brown turns to green and then colours start popping out everywhere. It's funny, I always forget what blooms when, so it's a joyful surprise when colour begins in the garden and where it will bloom next, I never know. (excuse my lack of knowledge on the names of the plants...)

On our hillside, these purple beauties are one of the first

and as soon as they come out, so do the fuzzy bumble bees.

These white flowers are spreading on our hill as well.

A couple of weeks ago, we planted another plum tree. It was barely a twig when we planted it but now it's sprouting leaves left and right (above is one of the first branches to form). It never fails to amaze me how something so lifeless looking can come alive so quickly.

My favourites of Spring:

The first of my columbine to flower. Most surprising to me was that since this was a transplant from another area, I didn't think it would flower this year. The hardiness of plants is amazing.
And lastly, this special little guy.

It may look like an Iceland poppy to the average eye, but it's a special addition to our garden. L picked it out ever so carefully (he told me that it needed him - how could I say no to that?), brought it home and planted it where he felt it would have lots of company. It was closed, so he had no idea what the colour would be. About a week later, he woke up and looked out the window. Cheering and big hugs celebrated that his special flower opened, and that it was yellow (although any colour would have been greeted with the same happiness).
So much joy and happiness from the presence of such small flowers... and this is just the beginning!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling such envy with all the lovely flower postings by all of you. We have had nothing but rain and cloud :I and everything is so late, so very late. Your pictures "keep me going"! Thank you Heather, Katherine and Samantha.

And Heather, if any of those allium seeds can survive Canada Post, Samantha can give you my address! They are beautiful!


Katherine said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Such happiness these pretties bring in all their colours.

Tell L. I love his special flower. Great choice!

Mary-Sue said...

Beautiful!! love that L has such a connection to the earth and flowers!! and your columbine is gorgeous! wow! i'd love some seeds from that one!

Samantha said...

I'll tell him Katherine :-) He'll be pleased to know others admire his flower as well. He's planted more Iceland poppy seeds around it so I may end up with a field of these poppies - but that would be a good thing!

Mary-Sue, I will try my best to find the seeds on the Columbine and pass them on to you :-) They should have classes on saving seeds for us new gardeners

sheila said...

Oooh, nice columbine. I bought some seeds for that last year but I don't see any, sigh.

Isn't this weather great? I think I've taken 457 photos this week alone, all of the garden (garden on sunny day, garden on cloudy day, garden in the rain...).