Thursday, 1 May 2008

Sheet mulching, my way

This project began like most of my other projects. A little birdie plants an idea in my mind and I decide that I'd like to try it. In this case, we wanted less grass to mow and water, so sheet mulching sounded like the way to go. As usual, I started working on the project (we call this project 'buh-bye grass!') and then decided to read a bit about how to do it. Turns out (as often occurs) that I was doing it wrong. So I inform dedicated and forgiving husband about the change in plans, and we continue on with the project. After a day of work, I decide to read a little more and realize we are only doing it partially right. But that's okay, I tell myself, because we still have a lot more to go and we can see which of the three methods work the best. (I like to think of it as experimental landscaping. I've also created a method of pruning that I call 'wild animal pruning', but I'll save those lessons for another day.)

Here is a little peek at the work in progress:

Front view and side view. It used to be grass all the way up and through the cedars. R created a magnificent wave around the tree and he plans to continue that pattern across to the other, smaller tree. In the cedar gap, we plan to build an arbour to house our bench in, and create the perfect seating area for watching the many sports that get played what's left of the grassy field.

Also on the go is a project to put a path around the garden to the side gate. I took charge of the grass removal on this one and thought I did a fair job - until dedicated and forgiving husband called me over and informed me (with a hearty chuckle) that the start of my line was less then straight. Well, I'd had a little problem working in the tight space by the tomato towers... yes, I could have moved them but then that would have made sense.

And our final backyard project for this Spring:

Lovely garden patio. We will remove the stairs and create a patio in our little garden oasis. Build better stairs, give that poor window a good wash, and spend the rest of the summer enjoying our yard.

Well, when we aren't working on the front yard ;-)


Anonymous said...

It's looking good Samantha! It will be fun to have a lovely yard to enjoy for the summer - and you will be able to feel such accomplishment and having done it all yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad you don't have 20 acres! I'm impressed with all your progress! Although R did tell me the patio would be done for my visit today and I visualized sipping a cold drink on it. But the dirt will do just fine! just fine!


Heather said...

Can you say, "Hello, my name is Samantha and I'm an edger." You go with that edger you, it is looking great. ;-)

Katherine said...

Your yard is looking fantastic, Samantha! Your hard work is really showing - that was a lot of grass to remove. I'm all for less grass to mow! It is going to be so worth it when you can sit back with a cold drink this summer in your lovely yard.

sheila said...

Straight lines are over-rated, IMO. Anyone can do a straight line - it takes an artist to do something more substantial. I am going to keep an eye on this project of yours. It looks sort of like mine,and I need ideas...

You know what I used to remove the grass? Newspaper and lots and lots of soil. Oops, I am having trouble typing with the cat on my keyboard.