Monday, 16 June 2008

More before/after garden shots

Well, we aren't really at after yet... it's more like before and during.

Heather was asking me about my blackberry bushes - when I planted them and how long did it take them to get big. I looked back in photos and found them looking very tiny, and therefore newly planted, in this picture.

This was two years ago and the first year we didn't get any fruit off it. The next year we got a fair amount, and this year I expect much, much more. Everything looks so tiny in this picture compared to now.
This is now. I can barely see the fence anymore, but I can see a lot of happy changes. Food has become an important addition to our yard so we have been expanding the garden to accommodate this. I figured since the blueberry bushes were so small this year, why not stick in some tomatoes, some beans, and I think a few watermelon plants as well. Gone is the (yawn) square grass yard and with the help of my edger (which my husband still hasn't hidden away from me) and some inspiration from visiting Heather's garden, I have been creating a variety of twists and turns in the grass.
Here is another shot of the new garden bed (yes Heather and Katherine, it has grown since you saw it last week ;-)
Biking has also become a priority around here, and when we weren't working in the garden, my boys were riding their bikes around the yard and trying out the teeter-totter they built. A few bumps and bruises but nothing that would stop them from riding more. I also saw my husband eyeing up my sod compost pile to use as a jump... It's wonderful to have a yard that is full of so many uses and encourages so much time outdoors.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

wow and yummy your blackberries

and yes big backyards are nice


Heather said...

I thought it looked bigger and it has a nice shape too. I hope those boys know that once your tomato plants are bigger they will have to move their teeter totter and bike jumping to the street. Tomatoes take priority over soft crash landings!!

Samantha said...

It's funny, I never thought our backyard was big (although I guess it is big and flat for our particular area) but I do find I am able to put a lot in our yard and it still doesn't feel cramped.

Heather, R has already landed on a tomato palnt and received the scary glare (thankfully the tomato plant came out unharmed) so when they ride, they move it away from the garden bed. R's plan is to move it onto the gravel driveway below the small hill to the front yard. I don't think I'll be watching ride it there!

Katherine said...

What a lovely oasis you're creating, Samantha! You're becoming an edger professional. LOL