Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fall flowers

Every year without fail I almost miss these flowers. It seems that one minute they aren't there and then, by the time I notice them, they are in full (or past full) bloom. I have them in two spots in the front gardens and they just seem so delightfully out of place to me. I always think of crocus as a spring bloom. I actually almost wrecked these this year because a few weeks ago I transplanted my echinacea right almost on top of these bulbs. My echinacea hasn't done well where I put it (obviously it doesn't know the song Bloom Where You're Planted), it was too crowded, I think. I finally gave up on expecting it to conform to my wishes and dug it up, divided it and transplanted it to my front flower beds.

Yesterday on my wander around the gardens I decided to stop and take a picture of these as they don't last long...and I wanted them to feel admired since they are usually overlooked. ;-)

And you see, the bees are admiring them too.


sheila said...

Very nice. I don't think I know that song either. Can you hum a few bars for me?

Anonymous said...

Good job !! Those are really nice flowers pictures.