Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Creativity plus duct tape equals hours of fun

I have always encouraged creativity in my family. We like to make our own fun and sometimes the results are somewhat...unconventional, I suppose. We have never wanted our kids to have all the latest toys, instead we have helped them to explore their own imagination and make do with simpler things and to use that they have. Most everything around here involves dirt, sticks, Lego or Hotwheels. When they were younger it was dirt, sticks, trucks and blocks.

This Spring, after much thought, we bought a used trampoline. The boys have had a lot of fun on it. I guess they'd recently decided that they could make it even more fun because one day I looked out the window and saw this.
I don't know if you can tell in that action blur of a photo but that is a skateboard on his feet.
Now each day they go out and make up games involving certain kinds of tricks and all kinds of interesting names for each trick. So, another thing I've learned from watching my kids is this...

Creativity + (lots of) Duct tape = Hours and hours of fun
So if in 20 years you see this as an Olympic sport just saw it here first. ;-)
And just in case you would like to make this yourself here is a closer view. It's an old skateboard minus the wheels, an old pair of shoes and ooooh, maybe half a roll of duct tape. ;-)

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Samantha said...

What fun! I'll have to try that next time girls night ;-) After a few drinks of course ;-)