Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Human Footprint

I ordered this DVD from our library and we finished watching it last night. What an interesting show.

This documentary shows - in a very clear way - just how much impact the average person has on the earth in their lifetime. The show takes us through an average lifespan in the lives of a male and female. It starts out when the two are born and makes its way through to retirement years. Along the way we are shown the amount of resources used to make diapers for each child for the two years, amount of shampoo and toothbrushes used, number of showers in a lifetime, number of appliances we will go through, clothes we will buy and much more. We were most surprised by the amount of soda and alcohol consumed.

I think you may be able to watch the whole show here (just in case you can't get it from the library). ;-)

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