Friday, 28 November 2008

Days at home at home with kids

I love getting a day at home at this time of year. Yesterday we had the whole day at home and it was lovely. It wasn't just a regular quiet kind of day at home - there were "Big Doings" going on. We all had something we were working on and some of those things were secret too. Closed doors now mean knock and wait for permission before entering. I have been finding little notes here and there throughout the house - Santa's coming, Only 28 days left, and other such things. One note was taped onto my sewing machine yesterday. I spied it when I went to work on another artist tote.

I love that my boys find this time of year magical. I love that they want to hide away and create gifts all on their own to give to loved ones. I love the ideas that they come up with (some of which are secret from me as well).
And I love that at the end of a day of crafting and working E can make us all dinner. Yesterday he learned how to make a roux properly. He added some "secret ingredients" to his homemade cheese sauce. With E, even a simple dinner can become "Big Doings" too...and why not? If we celebrated more of the little things of life wouldn't we just have that much more appreciation for the small stuff? Those little bits of goodness that happen throughout every day? Like kids' notes on the light switches, a game of soccer with the dog, pets and kids in the kitchen and secret ingredients in the cheese sauce. After all, life is made up of mostly small bits - our daily round - if we wait to celebrate only the big things in life then the day-to-day can become something that we take for granted.As you can see all the animals in our house like E's cheese sauce too. ;-)
Pssst - wanna know his secret ingredients? A hint of mustard, a dash of Frank's hot sauce and a scoop of Romano cheese along with the cheddar...but you didn't hear it from me. ;-)


Samantha said...

That looks so yummy! Go E, go!!! Is it a roux with cheese + his special ingredients added to macaroni? He's got me craving some mac and cheese now :-) I can't wait for his cookbook to come out!

Anonymous said...

ack! I love that artist tote! and I don't sew. you don't have an Etsy store, do you? hmmmm . . . --Nancy in NC

Katherine said...

E is an artist in the kitchen it seems. Looks delicious! I'm guessing it smelled so good that all the pets began to congregate near the chef in hopes of some taste testing?

sheila said...

Oh, I am getting so excited myself. I love this time of year. It really IS so magical. I bought The Children's Year at the Waldorf fair and now I'm busy making a little Advent Spiral for the table in the front hall. Even though Max is older he still gets giddy at the idea of a strange man in a red suit coming down the chimney in the middle of the night.

this is my patch said...

I always put mustard in my cheese sauce, macaroni cheese is one of my favourites. x

Heather said...

Hi Nancy
I don't have an Etsy shop. Most of my creative energy I spend in my gardens. I tend to only craft things when I am gift-giving. I have two friends who sew the most gorgeous bags (and other stuff) ever and so every once in a while I get inspired by them to create something too. However, my sewing gifts always come with the warning to not look too closely at my sewing. ;-)