Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Eleventh Hour

This is the time of year for my family when we have time to watch movies and documentaries. The past few weeks we have had time to watch a few different ones. Yesterday W wanted to watch Journey to the Centre of the Earth but it wasn't available at our video store so instead we all watched The 11th Hour (not quite what W had in mind for a Saturday night).

It is an interesting documentary, in some ways (O.K. in many ways) it is hard to watch because much of the film is spent explaining and showing how dire our situation is. Towards the end of the show many solutions are offered and it tries to end on a positive note. It is always interesting to hear from Paul Hawken, David Suzuki, Bill McKibben, Ray Anderson and a host of other experts.
I love the motto on the website - Consume Less, Live More - it is similar to the motto that I have had for about 13 years - Have Less, Do more (meaning do more of the fun stuff that life has to offer ).
Here is a trailer for the documentary or you can also watch the whole thing on Youtube.

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sheila said...

We rented Journey To The Center of the Earth last week! It was fun. I was surprised at how not-scary it was - we'd skipped the theatre showing because I thought it would freak FDPG out, but it was hardly alarming at all. The magnetic rocks alarmed me a bit though...