Monday, 5 February 2007


That's how much all this yarn cost me. 4 skeins of rowan wool, 12 balls of beautiful silk/wool yarn that I will use for making an Einstein coat, 4 balls of a lovely shade of blue wool for felting, I ball of a lavender color mohair, and 8 balls of soft cottons for baby hats. That is why I love thrift stores, at a regular store I would only be able to get 4 or 5 balls of wool for that and I got 29 balls altogether. That's some bang for your knitting buck. Sooo, now I am thinking that I need to get going on some of this as I got it in December and haven't had time to knit much since(other than holiday gifts). I started an Einstein coat from this wonderful book that Nicola lent to me. It is a nice pattern that I can do while I chat, perfect for knitting nights and play days. I have had my eye on this pattern for a year or maybe two but thought I would never spend what it takes to get enough wool to make one. Well now I have no excuse. Here is how it look so far.

I also need to do some knitting for 5 babies that will be arriving soon - just found out from my M-I-L that 2 of my husband's cousins are having babies, one of them any day now and I had no idea - aargh why do men never remember to tell you the important stuff - babies to knit for, for pity sake- that is important.

This is a hat from some sock yarn that I had. I think newborn hats are supposed to be grapefruit size but since we haven't done a big grocery shop yet I am modelling it on an onion - my youngest son's idea.

So since gardening days are on the horizon my knitting days are likely drawing to a close and it is time to get a move on. Guess we need to have more knitting get-togethers for motivation ladies. How does Friday sound?


Katherine said...

This blog post shows why you are the group's Queen of Thrift Store shopping. The great finds always happen when I shop with you!
Love the baby hat! By using an onion (thank E for the good idea), we can see the scale of the finished hat; unlike the photo of Nicola's adorable "apple" baby hat. When posted, it looked like it would fit a toddler.

Anonymous said...

Important stuff?? What?? Where? Like I would miss anything important...

Mary-Sue said...

wow. That Einstein coat is going to be so fabulous! Such an inspiring blog! Thanks for sharing!