Tuesday, 18 September 2007

SIP (socks in progress)

I've been having trouble with my digital camera batteries. They are rechargeable - I have four and the idea is that while two are in the camera the other two are charged and ready for backup. Lately they haven't been holding a charge for longer than about two minutes, it seems! I squeezed this picture in using batteries from some other doodad lying around the house.

While I was out today, I bought four new rechargeables, so I should be all set to take unlimited photos now.

These socks are destined to fly all the way over the ocean to my dad next month. My in-laws will be visiting and I'll give them the socks to take back. As I have a specific deadline for this project, I thought I'd better get on with it and leave the wrap and scarf for later.

I'm enjoying knitting them both at once, alternating between the two as each step is completed. Just the straight part of the feet and the toes to go.

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saraeden said...

I have the same problem from my rechargeable batteries , sometimes they stay charged and sometimes theyre flat in a couple of minutes !!!

Oh sorry i should of said hello , this is my first visit to your blog :0)
Sara x