Friday, 21 September 2007

Today's the day

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting our blog this week, especially those who have been leaving comments and entering our contest. Noon today our time (BC, Canada) is the deadline so as I write this at 7am there isn't long to wait to find out who the winners are.

One commenter questioned whether I'd ship to Germany. Yes, three of us are willing to ship anywhere in the world. The exception is Heather, because she is giving away home-grown produce, fresh or canned, that can't go in the mail!

We are celebrating the Equinox today (a little early I know, according to my astronomy calendar the exact moment of the sun crossing the equator is around 5am Sunday). As well as drawing the winners for our blog contest, we are getting together with other friends for a harvest potluck lunch, children's crafts and a walk in the woods.

I hope that wherever you live, you are appreciating the change of the seasons and the cycle of the year.

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