Friday 15 August 2008


I found these goodies a little while ago.The table clothes pictured above and below are from a garage sale up at the lake. I love the autumn colours on this one and can just picture it on our harvest table with a bowl of acorns and some fall leaves.These are from a little thrift store (Amanda's secret thrift store - ssshhh). I'm not actually sure if they are meant to be napkins or handkerchiefs. I keep looking at their pristine whiteness and trying to decide which is worse - using them to wipe noses or having them wipe sauce-covered mouths and fingers. Hmmmm.I just can't resist this sort of thing. OK, I don't even try to resist because they are just so pretty, and for $1.50 for all of them why would I resist??

Now...if only I could find a vintage white linen shirt for my hubby. :-)

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are just gorgeous! I'm betting the set are napkins. Looks like you need some solid purple linen placements to go with them. ;o) At that price I say use them, though maybe not on pizza night!