Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Getting the hang of it

I can see my friends are getting the hang of this blogging thing. I'm looking forward to the fourth member of this blog, our friend Heather, coming back from her vacation and joining in too. I'm sure she'll have lots to contribute.

I have started re-reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. I've read them all - Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, the Fiery Cross, Breath of Snow and Ashes (not sure if I've put them in the correct order there) - and I wish the next book was available now. My friends and I are desperate to know what happens to Claire and Jamie next. Anyway, I'm a few chapters into the first book again, and I'm enjoying it, even knowing what happens later, because I can look for the clues and connections that Diana Gabaldon strews throughout her books. She writes so well, and she claims that she writes without a plan (unlike J K Rowling, who I believe knew exactly how the Harry Potter series was going to finish up, right from the first book).

A quick change of subject now - every third Monday of the month I have a knitting night at my house for any homeschooling friends who want to drop in. Yesterday, I found myself between projects so had to dig around in my leftovers for something to knit. I don't have a stash - I buy yarn as I need it - I find it easier to do that, because when I have a project in mind, I know how much to buy. I had some red Bernat Satin left from knitting balaclavas for two of my kids last week. I also had some green from a scarf that I knitted for my nephew. The result was this cute little apple hat - the pattern was from a blog I read some time ago, but unfortunately I don't recall which one. Incidentally, only one person showed up last night - my friend Anne, who brought supplies for making paper beads. We enjoyed our crafting and tea and conversation.

I think I will be making more of those hats in different colours!


Samantha said...

Nicola, that hat is adorable! Am I too old to get away with wearing a hat like that? On second thought, don't answer that!! ;o)

All your FOs are very motivating!

Anonymous said...

what a cute hat! i might knit something like that for my new nieces.