Monday, 29 January 2007

Positive Role Model

Thought I would share with you the experience I had this weekend. I attended a camp for women which encompassed fitness (weight training & cardio) and nutrition. I had a fanatastic time making new friends, learning about topics I'm passionately interested in and more than that finding out how much more important it is for each and every one of us to reach out to each other.
The driving force and inspiration behind PHAT Camp is the fitness champion Jen Hendershott. She basically shares herself completely for a whole weekend by giving us what her own experiences have taught her in living a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle. I went to camp knowing I would get sweaty (from the promised Hendershott workouts) but little known was that I would spend a weekend sharing, connecting and giving along with my fellow campers following the lead of Jen Hendershott and her wonderful staff.
Yes, it was exciting to have access to a well-known and well loved professional fitness icon that was open and willing to share her knowledge. More importantly though, it was rewarding for me to discover that her passion is in helping others and her fit body has been a tool in fulfilling this passion.
Wanting to be fit and healthy involves more than your body. I think it takes heart and a mindset to be your best and to love yourself despite the ups and downs that we face in this life so that you have more love to give to others. I believe that by taking care of yourself, you are the positive role model; no matter what your age, gender or occupation.
Make the committment to take care of yourself so that you can always be and give your best in life.


Nicola said...

Well, you kept THAT quiet. Sounds like you had a great weekend. By the way, YOU are MY positive role model when it comes to getting fitter!

Katherine said...

I guess I didn't say anything - but no offense intended... Yes! I did have a great weekend and thanks so much for the compliment, Nicola.

Samantha said...

Wow Katherine, that sounds like an amazing weekend! Thanks for sharing.

In the time I have known you, Nicola and Heather, I have made many positive changes to my life and learned so much (and laughed so much). So I guess you are all my positive role models!