Monday, 5 March 2007

A few distractions...

I have finished knitting the main part of the Lion Suede backpack and now I have to knit ... wait for it ... 55 inches of I-cord! Yikes, I started it and after a few inches I put it down. The Suede is not the easiest yarn to knit with at the best of times, but the I-cord is a bit of a struggle and this project is “on hold” at the moment!

Over the weekend, I knitted a dishcloth and a half with some turquoise cotton that Samantha gave me. I used different stitch patterns from a library book just for fun (more interesting than rows of garter stitch). I also made some stitch markers using some 24 gauge wire and some glass beads that I bought a few months ago from Michaels for making earrings. The thing with earrings is that you want (ideally) to have two of everything to make a matching pair. With stitch markers, there is no such challenge, so it’s a great way to use up the odd beads in the box. I think my favourite is the green one in the top right of the picture - it makes me think of a little alien or a blob of Flubber (as in the movie of the same name)!

On Saturday, Zellers had a Buy One, Get One Free deal on ALL their yarn, so I bought yarn for a Baby Surprise Jacket and a Pi Shawl (both Elizabeth Zimmermann inventions). If the shawl comes out well, I’ll send it to my mum (it’s her birthday this month - no, I know it won’t be ready in time, but it’s the thought that counts!). The baby jacket will probably be put away until the summer, when a friend becomes a grandmother for the first time.

And finally, I bought a two inch wooden wheel from Michaels, to which R added a dowel and hook, and I now have.....a spindle! I have ordered some organically grown naturally coloured cotton from here which I intend to spin into wonderful knittable yarn (cross fingers). I'll let the boys try it too (S tried his hand at spinning at a homeschool "field trip" not long ago). I ordered the fibre last night via email, received a call from Colleen at Wild Rose Fibres this morning for my credit card number, and the package is already on its way. How efficient....and exciting!!!

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Heather said...

I'll be interested to see how that turns out. My guys loved spinning the wool on the field trip. I wonder if the cotton will spin as easily - maybe you will do a demo for us? ;-)