Friday, 15 June 2007

Feelin' Jazzed.

S picked up this CD from the library and boy, is it ever good. I think Harry Connick Jr. must have watched all the same movies that I did when I was a kid because it is filled with songs from The Sound of Music, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins. It has all the songs that I love from those movies, just super jazzed up. My favourites on the CD are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Do-Re-Mi and Spoonful of Sugar, he does a fantastic job of them. He does sing The Lonely Goatherd but he doesn't do the yodelling and I'm just not feelin' the instrumental version of the yodels. He also includes Over the Rainbow but really, once you have heard Iz do his rendition ( it's beautiful) ...well, I don't think anyone else quite cuts it.
Anyway the boys enjoyed parts of it too and it encouraged them to get out my old cornet and the trumpet and "entertain" the neighbours for awhile. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I'm putting a hold on that one. Also, I'd like to borrow your trumpet to entertain my neighbours!