Monday, 4 June 2007

Going to the dentist

Ouch! I was suffering with a toothache the entire weekend. Actually, longer than the weekend. It started Thursday afternoon, which is just typical as my dentist doesn't work Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It was a constant ache in my face, at first all over then mainly on the right side. It didn't take long to work out which tooth it was - a molar which had developed a bit of a bump in the gum above it - felt like infection was setting in.

Toothache is NOT my favoured method for weight loss, but I certainly didn't eat much for a few days as I was concerned that I might make the pain worse. It did flare up a bit and I did resort to a few painkillers, but most of the time it was bearable.

I left a couple of messages on the answering machine over the weekend, and thankfully the dentist was able to squeeze me in. He started on a root canal, clearing out the icky dead stuff that was causing the pain and putting in a temporary filling. Next week I have to return for the job to be completed and a crown to be fitted.

I've always been such a coward for going to the dentist. I have found a really nice, gentle dentist, but I still dislike the discomfort of the dental dams, trying to swallow when the work is being done, worrying that one day I'll gag and throw up!!! Ah well, considering the health of my teeth, or lack of it, I guess I'll have to get used to it.


Katherine said...

Whew! Glad you were able to get in so quick to your dentist, Nicola. Hope you're soon put to rights and can enjoy eating sans pain.

Anonymous said...

Good, good, good! I love modern dentistry, although, it's quite hard on the old pocketbook.