Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Odds and sods

Can you guess what this is?

Here's a hint - W made it for my birthday, it is very useful, and I really wanted one. Keep guessing.

I love Foxglove, for years I pulled them out to keep them away from little ones. Now I figure my little ones are old enough to know not to ingest my plants and so I can enjoy them once more. A bee is enjoying this white one too.

The boys and I took out more of our grass and they decided to make a sod hut with it in the manner of Laura Ingalls. Now they want to rip out way more grass so they can make the hut much bigger and give it a roof.
Don't you wish you had a Clematis that came with a dog attached?

<----See there.

So, instead of a Nelly Moser clematis, we call this our Smelly Bowser clematis...yes, that is how we get our laughs around here. Pathetic, I know.

Now, did you guess what that was yet?

That's right, a plastic bag dryer. It fits behind my sink and air dries all my re-used bags. What a handy kid I have.


Katherine said...

How thoughtful and resourceful W is! Happy Birthday Heather!

I love the photos of your foxgloves. Maybe I could trade something from my garden for some of them from you???? You are such a green thumb but lucky for us you're also happy to share your talents (keep posting those flower photos!!!!!)

Heather said...

And happy to share my flowers - I have loads of foxglove plants, if you want some you just have to come and get some. (as added temptation I just got those Cath Kidston Vintage fabric books from the library so you could have a peek)

Nicola said...

I love that plastic bag dryer....I need something like that too! Maybe I will drop some hints to my kids!

Happy birthday, Heather.

Anonymous said...

Good gift idea W! I really like the sod hut, now I want to dig up the grass and make one.

Mary-Sue said...

A Happy Happy Birthday to you, Heather! Hope your day was truly wonderful. The gift is divine! As are the foxgloves... I started some from seed this spring and am gingerly transplanting them onto the dry banks under the pines... When I read about all the poisonous plants/flowers, I realized that I already had hundreds, so foxgloves didn't look so menacing! ha!

Anonymous said...

What a divine garden you have. Reminds me of the time we were filming Robin Hood and the courtyards were done up with many of the same lovely flowers.

From the other comments I see it was your birthday just recently so I must also send along a birthday wish.

Happy Birthday.



Heather said...

Samantha - Can you please tell your charming hubby, "no homemade jam for you, Mister." He is so mean!!!
You've just been peeing your pants laughing waiting for me to read that haven't you! I should just let you stew and pretend that I haven't seen it but I am not as mean as R so I can't do it. ;-)

Nicola said...

OMG, Heather, Alan has finally heard about your, obsession and he has personally left a comment on our blog. I can't believe it. Our blog will now be famous. Perhaps I should add something to the sidebar...AS READ BY ALAN RICKMAN.

I noticed that his name linked to his website so it must have been him for real...right?! ROFL

Samantha said...

Heather, I am crying because you automatically chose to blame my husband (who is at his office and very busy doing work type things).
Or maybe the tears rolling down my face are from laughing...
But didn't you say we had a view come in from England. I'm sure it was him :)

Heather said...

Alright girls, we obviously need to get out more. 2 weeks 'til next night out is seeming like a long time, we should plan for next week - an afternoon at the beach.