Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Wanna help save the planet?

On Saturday afternoon I sat outside on our back patio and read this book (really, it was way too hot to work in the garden). It really was too good to put down. And here's the best bit...it's Canadian, eh! I love finding books like this written by a Canadian and filled with Canadian sources.
If you are at all interested in making more environmentally friendly choices then this is the book for you. The author writes about food, home improvement, health products, clothing, transportation, and much more.
Did you know that "if each household in Canada switched just one roll of virgin bleached stuff (toilet paper) with one roll of the recycled kind, we'd save almost 48,000 trees and prevent 4500 kilograms of the air and water pollution that comes from making it"? That is the difference that one roll each of toilet paper could make. I think that is do-able for anyone. Heck, I think we could all even do more than one roll, when it means saving that many trees, don't you? Can you imagine the changes we could make if we all committed to a few bigger changes?


Katherine said...

Looks like another good book. So what's your secret, Heather? How do you keep finding all these great books????? Plus, I wanna know how you can do all the stuff you do in a day and manage to read so much as well. Are you superhuman or what?!?!!!!

Mary-Sue said...

oh. yay. hip hip hooray.
can't wait to get my eyes on it. is it at the library? or is this one i need to have on the coffee table permanently?
thanks for this!

ipsa said...

I have this one coming in the mail. It should arrive any day! So exciting! Thanks for the preview.

Heather said...

Hi Mary-Sue - it is from the library. I am more a borrower of books instead of a buyer of books - except when it comes to the annual library sale, then I go knowing that - all I find is all that I need - you wouldn't believe the goodies I find. :-) Told my husband he needs to hurry up and read it before you guys all order it from the library. I hope he finds time.

Samantha said...

I went to the library site to get on the hold list and I am already on hold for it! I'm so glad that I am 3rd and not 30th. Whew!!

Heather said...

Yes Katherine, superhuman...now are you going to whip up a Wonderwoman outfit for me in your spare time? Better make a superwoman costume for yourself too, you! ;-0 Actually I don't think I have the, erm...figure for the wonderwoman costume so maybe not. I thought I sent the link for that book to you, I think I sent it to Samantha - you know I do try to send all the library info on to you so we can get all the goods first. Greedy, heh? We just watched Ian doing a tour of Canada - that was one I requested the library buy, did I tell you about that one?

Actually I might have heard about ecoholic through the homelearning village...all kinds of interesting information learned there...tempted? :-)

Samantha said...

Hey, we just watched the Canada too. I was glad they did two (although they could have done way more as well) and they did it very positively.

I must have read about this book on the village too. I have to agree with you, Heather, that the village is a great source of valueable information that I could not get by without. And it's nice that we get the books first, before they develop nasty odors.