Saturday, 4 August 2007

Preserving Summer's Bounty

I bought this book a few years ago and bravely taught myself the art of canning. It seemed so scary the first time. Heather was taught at her mother's knee, but I had no such advantage!

Today I made apricot chutney - I doubled the recipe and it still only filled four pint jars. It's nice and spicy.

I loaded up the dehydrator yesterday and counted the apricot pits afterwards - all 107 of them. That was a good way to use up the rapidly ripening fruit in my kitchen. R will no doubt be picking more tomorrow so I'll be making more jam, I expect.

I went out grocery shopping with husband and eldest son today...first time since the surgery. I left all the lifting and carrying to them. I called in at the Salvation Army thrift store to drop off a couple of things and found these tops for about $13 total. I love thrift stores!

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