Saturday, 11 August 2007

Home again...for a little while.

Bean there, done that? (ha, ha) Yes, there are a lot of beans ready. Every year I tell myself that I should plant less because I am away so much in the summer, every year I plant lots. I picked this basketful last night, I think I might actually have to freeze some for winter minestrone, a person can only eat so many beans in a week. The table cloth is one I got at a favourite thrift store that I only get to go to once a year. Here it is in the picture below, the little thrift store on the lake. Pretty gorgeous spot.
We just returned from our annual trip to "the lake." A good time was had by all but we are also glad to get home and spend some time with our friends and at home. We will be packing up again to go on another trip.

I have been going to this lake every summer since I was two. Now my kids love it almost as much as I do and it is an important part of their lives.
We don't camp there anymore, we stay at my folks' house as they have chosen to retire there. Thirty six years of summers there have made for some incredible memories and lots of traditions. We are lucky enough to have lots of family and friends that also meet up there so it makes for a really wonderful time.

Now that my parents live there full-time my mom has a beautiful garden and there are so many hummingbirds, birds and butterflies it is incredible.I did get to do some knitting and am mostly done a pair of felted clogs for my neighbour. The view from my knitting spot is pretty hard to beat.Back at home things are in full swing in the garden. It can all come together to be pretty overwhelming at times, all the trips and all the garden stuff to deal with, and seem like too much work. It is worth it though and that is why I do it each year, there is an incredible satisfaction in growing so much of your own food. Nothing can compare with winter meals made from all the summer produce you have preserved, so I was happy to get out in my garden as soon as I got home yesterday.

And no return from a trip would be complete without...
an abundance of zucchini.

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