Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Finished socks

Well, they took me one year, (focus Heather focus! Only one project at a time and it wouldn't take you a year for a pair of socks) but here they are. My Oregon camping socks, started last summer when we were camping in Oregon and (mostly) finished while camping in the Kootenays this summer.
Last night I found myself with some knitting time on my hands and was working on a this new pair of socks when it occurred to me that I still had not woven in the ends on my last pair of socks. A few minutes with the needle and they were finished, now I can get on with this other pair. I am trying to get into the whole start a project, work on the project, finish the project groove but that whole idea does not mesh well with my slap-dashing ways. Ah well, maybe Samantha will be a good influence on me and I will start systematically working through my stash as well.


Katherine said...

They were worth the wait, Heather! Love those socks!

Samantha said...

Hey, I think that is the first time I've been referred to as a good influence!!