Thursday, 11 October 2007

And yet more...

We saw a bear! A female grizzly which came down to the river to eat salmon. We were in a stand, about ten feet off the ground, and had to wait patiently and silently in the hope a bear would show itself. This one came nosing her way down the riverbank and we watched as she bounded into the river and after a couple of attempts caught a salmon and proceeded to eat it - unfortunately with her back to us!

More pretty pictures taken by L.

If we were to do this sort of "adventure holiday" again, R and I would go alone, unencumbered by grandparents and children!


Anonymous said...

That son of yours seems to have a great eye for photography. Those are great shots. What a beautiful area of the province!!! It makes me want to do a road trip. Glad you are back though... I am about to tackle knitting socks and I think I may need some coaching.

this is my patch said...

No chance of bumping into a grizzly on the holidays we take over here in England, how amazing to see one in the wild.