Thursday, 11 October 2007

More photos

Typical coast weather!

The splashing in the photo above is caused by Dall's porpoises. We saw a lot of those. They look like mini Orcas with their black and white colouring. We also saw a humpback whale - the arch of its back and its tail fluke - but didn't manage to get particularly close.

Those blobs on the rock above are seals. We also saw sealions. Very vocal, barking away at each other (and at us, probably). (click to make the picture bigger)

When we weren't on a boat, we were hiking trails like this...

and enjoying the sun when it did shine...

and walking along the beach.

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this is my patch said...

You did all the things we would do when on holiday, the views are making me feel quite envious! And that beach, I would have been picking up bits of that driftwood to take home with me.