Friday, 12 October 2007

Knitting in progress

No trip to Quadra Island would be complete without a visit to Fun Knits. It's quite something for them to have their own yarn store, considering I counted no more than a dozen shops on the whole island.

I bought this ------------>

which, yes, I could have found at my local yarn store, but they didn't have it in such quantities when I last went in. I have used this before to make some fingerless mitts and I love the subtle colours. My mother-in-law's reaction when seeing the yarn I chose was to say it was "dull" - she's a believer in wearing bright colours and thinks everyone else should too! What she didn't realise, though, is that most of those beautiful brightly coloured yarns displayed in the yarn shop were wool, which I don't use. And bright pink doesn't suit me anyway!

As you will see, the ball on the bottom left has been partially used for a swatch, while I was trying to find my gauge and decide what stitch to use for the sweater I want to make. I finally settled on a top-down raglan incorporating a Viking happiness symbol from a library book. Yesterday I spent a lot of time learning a new invisible cast on and working the first few rows back and forth for the neck, before joining into the round for the rest of the sweater. However, it seemed like it was coming out too large, so I frogged it and restarted. By the time I had cast on for the second time it was time for bed!

Here is the progress on the lacy shrug. When viewed in the right light, it looks like candle flames. It is very bumpy on the back thanks to all the slip 1, K2tog, pass slip stitch overs! As it's acrylic, it may not flatten out - time will tell.

And this is the Harry Potter scarf so far. Three blocks of each colour and probably about half completed. I'm not going to make an eight inch wide, six feet long scarf - too much work, especially as I have a second to make in green and silver. This one is about 5.5 inches wide and will be 4 or 5 feet long. I'm knitting it as a tube with the magic loop technique (video here).

My plan for this winter was to learn new knitting techniques - now that I have learned a new provisional cast on and magic loop, I expect to tackle entrelac one of these days.

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