Saturday, 3 May 2008

Fritillaria imperialis

The first year we lived here I couldn't wait for Spring so that I would know what was already planted in the flower gardens here. Early that year little green stubs started to appear in the dirt by the cherry trees, I was quite curious to know what they were. I also started to notice a strange smell about that time, a sort of skunkish smell. These little green stubs continued to grow and grow and soon enough they looked like this, by that time I also realized that the smell was coming from the plants, not a critter hiding out in our yard somewhere.

These are named Fritillaria imperialis and I think their name suits them well - they do have a very imperial look to them (and sort of strange look too, but don't tell them I said that.) ;-)


Katherine said...

They look regal and exotic, Heather. How long do they bloom for and does the skunk smell go away?

Amanda said...

I noticed those plants at your house when I was there and wondered what they were. They are very beautiful. Thanks for filling me in.

Heather said...

The skunky smell is still slightly noticable, though not as strong as it was.