Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Fitted knits Back-to-School U neck vest.

This weekend I had some knitting time and so I decided to get started on this Back-to-school U neck vest from the Fitted Knits book. I decided to use the yarn that I bought at a thrift store a few weeks ago. I had intended to use it for an afghan but was just too tempted by this vest. It is going well and I already have about 8 inches of the ribbing done. I think a vest is just the ticket for me, not only will it give me an extra bit of warmth at this time of year ( long sleeve sweaters always tend to get the cuffs in the way of my working), but it will hide the inevitable spots and splotches that I get on my favourite shirts. ;-)
Now, what does a mother of two boys who have never been to school call her vest, it can't really be called a back-to-school vest, can it?

We also did a bit of work (finally) on our kitchen back splash which you can see behind this pumpkin. Yes, we are still cooking pumpkin to freeze, the pumpkin muffins went down a treat so we are stocking our freezer with cooked pumpkin so that we can make them often.


Katherine said...

Love this vest pattern, Heather! It will look great in the yarn you thrifted. Hmmm... guess we need to go thrifting for some more yarn? Afterall, you still want to knit that blanket.

Nicola said...

I can see you in that, it'll suit you! Hope to see you tomorrow, seems like it's been ages since we all got together.

Louise said...

I really like that top, I confess to envying people who can knit, I could maybe knit a holey dishcloth if asked to. Maybe you could call the pattern 'home schooling tutor vest', just a thought. If there is any more mention of muffins on you and your friends' posts I shall have to stop looking in, I need to lose a pound or two or three and this is just not helping! Louise x